2014 Pro Ski - World Finals

3rd place, Pro Ski – World Finals

2014 World Champion

Slalom Ski Open World Champion

2014 Athlete of the Year

Motorsports Athlete of the Year

2014 Athlete of the Year

Boat Sports Athlete of the Year


Stian Schjetlein is a 23 year old Pro jetski rider from Bergen, Norway. Stian has taken his racing career very seriously from he was a young junior rider. Since then he has taken a Bachelors degree in sports science and is currently working as a trainer and coach at a high school for top athletes in Norway. He is also the head coach for Team Norway Jetski. Stian has been traveling all over the world participating in most of the hardest jetski competitions there is. This year, he has spent a lot of time in Lake Havasu City where he has been working as a test rider for Pro Watercraft Racing and has been a vital contributor in the development of the new Pro Force hull. Stian and his new Pro Force ski is definitely a Force to be reckoned with in Pro Ski.


  • ProWatercraft ProForce, & Stock-Class Superjet


ProWatercraft Racing, Jettribe, Tech One Racing, Yamaha Bergen, Jettrim, D&J Kielland, Blowsion, Spy, GoPro, Skat-Trak, Odi, BIL Transport As, Bilskadesenteret, VRAB, Team Norway Jetski