1st Place Champion

2017 GNCC XC3

2nd Place Champion

2017 MidEast Pro

2nd Place Champion

2016 GNCC XC3

9th in Points after attending final 3 races – 12th, 4th, 4th Finishes

2015 UTVRR QR2

2nd Place Champion

2014 UTVRR QR1

4th Place Champion (Only Raced Sept-Dec, 4 Races)

2014 UTVRR QR3

2nd Place Champion (Only Raced March-June, 4 Races)


Collin started racing a RZR 800 in June 2013. His dad and brother had been racing since February of 2013 but he wanted to try to see how he liked it. They were at a new track in Alabama where it was dusty and fast. As soon as he hit the gas pedal, he knew his racing addiction had begun! He was immediately hooked and was eager to learn more. He quickly became a student of his machine, terrain and ability. His eagerness gave him the ability to quickly learn any machine his dad put him in. They went from the RZR 800 to a 570 racing consistently with UTVRR throughout 2013 and 2014. In September of 2014 He raced his first race in a Polaris XP 1000. His dad was nervous but he knew he could handle the extra power and not push himself over his own limits. He finished that race 3rd overall. He had a blast at that race and proved to himself and to his dad, that he had the ability to run up front with the faster machines and more experienced drivers.


  • 2, Polaris RZR 1000’s


OTR Wheel Engineering, G-Force Suspension, SuperATV, OMF Wheels, Tire Spine