IPD Athlete Offer

IPD Graphics, Inc. will supply RIDER with IPD Graphics products and service as listed within this document. IPD Graphics, Inc. is not obligated to provide any of the items listed in this document until Rider digitally signs the Sponsorship Agreement at the bottom of this page.

Graphic Kits for Race Vehicles (30% Off):

Rider will receive graphic kits for each of the Race Vehicles to be used at the proposed events, for (30%) off the suggested retail for the term of the Sponsorship Agreement.*

Rider Care Package (Free):

Rider will receive a “Sponsored Rider IPD Care Package” which contains currently offered IPD apparel, IPD “Team Pilot” Business Cards, and the latest styles of IPD logo decals, free of charge. All apparel needed after can be purchased at (30%) off the suggested retail for the term of the Sponsorship Agreement.

IPD Premier Rider Marketing:

IPD wants to help you with your star power! We upped our protocol for how we market our Top Riders, and we have revamped our website's sponsored racers page to provide better connectivity back to your social pages. Along with that, we want to post your images and your milestones throughout the season in our huge social network of over 100,000 people, so be sure to keep us up to date and send us good high-res images for posting.

Additional IPD Product Offerings (30% Off):

Aside from the Complete Graphics Kits, Rider may also purchase most of the additional IPD Graphics products at (30%) off the suggested retail.*


The IPD Graphics Sponsorship Program is intended to promote our current line of Complete Graphic Kits through sponsored riders, so sponsorship does not include our Number Plate Kits, Plotter-Cut Graphic Kits (which are older designs), or Custom Designed Graphics (which are not a part of our current product line). Discount codes may not work with certain sale items.

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